Will Power…

Willpower… Do you have it? Or not?

We all have it to a degree.

Some have much more than others, professional athletes for example.

Me, I know I have it. I have set out to accomplish many things in my life and managed

to achieve them, albeit later than I had hoped.

It was not until my first cleanse that I realized how much I was really  in charge. Me. Not my cravings or desires.

Do not get me wrong. That sense of craving is a temptress. I have fallen and will continue to fall on occasion. We are still talking about cravings and desires. I lean more towards savory than sweet overall, but give me some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine and all seems right in my world for the moment.

When about to do my maiden juice cleanse I thought to myself: Seriously, how am I going to manage not eating for days in row?! Truth be known, I love everything about food. Chewing makes me happy. Flavor talks to me in every language, although I speak only English. One day I will conquer Spanish. There is that word “will” again.

The first day was brutal. I went to sleep at 6:00pm thinking what’s the point of being awake if I cannot eat. Day two was a little better. Going to sleep a little later at 8:00pm,I was starting to feel empowered; still hungry, but inspired.You can imagine my amazement when on day three of the cleanse, I did not miss chewing. In fact, I was feeling a heightened sense of awareness and being! The bloat was gone. Thoroughly fulfilled and energized, my body was singing Hallelujah. The mind and body connection had never been more in tune. Talk about a natural high! And to top it all off, my clothes were fitting better. “I can do this,” I thought. In fact I want to do this again and again. And so I did. This was over 15 years ago.

Having done numerous cleanses, I began to formulate my own. I came up with different approaches (methods? formulae?) and tried them all. One day, a dear friend who knew cleansing was my thing, asked me to lead her and a group on a cleanse. This is how the Sirona Cleanse came to be.

Cleansing will change your life. No joke.

          It changes the way you look and feel. It puts you in charge, making you feel better about yourself.

        “Will” you fall off the wagon from time to time? Perhaps….

         “Will” you go on a bender at some point? Maybe….

          But you can and “will” find your power again. That is why we have so many repeat clients.

          Ready to Sirona Cleanse?

Who I am & Who I am not.

This being my first BLOG entry I thought it best to give some insight to the top 8 things that I am and that I am not. So here it goes.

I am Gluten Free
I am not a vegan although my cleanses are 100% vegan

I am a person who knows how to make delicious gluten free vegan food that will make you come back for more.
I am not professionally trained.

I am a believer in natural healing with food and natural medicine.
I am not holding a PHD but have learned from people who do.

I am a wife, mother, and adventurer seeker.
I am not always the best at any of the above.

I am familiar with being overweight at various times in my life like when I was a teenager and each time after giving birth to my two sons.
I am not ashamed to say that I had to work hard at losing weight and achieving optimum health.  Good thing I do my own cleanse programs.

I am into making up recipes on the fly.
I am not a follower of recipes all of Sirona’s recipes are my own.

I am only as good as the people I surround myself with.
I am not one who looks down straight forward or up.

I am going to try to make this blog something people want to read.
I am not going to say I am anymore.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.