A local service cleanse of whole foods & juice.

Q. Is the Sirona Cleanse Organic?

A. At Sirona we strive to provide organic produce, grains, legumes and nuts but they are not always readily available to us. We source from local farms that practice sustainable farming to provide natural, whole unprocessed foods.

Q. Can I smoke or drink while on cleansing?

A. We would hope that your craving for smoking subsides while doing the Sirona cleanse and smoking is not recommended either is drinking. Key word here is “CLEANSE”

Q. Can I drink coffee?

A. No please refrain from consuming any caffeinated products up to three days prior to starting the Sirona cleanse. See the Sirona Cleanse handbook.

Q. Will I lose weight on the Sirona Cleanse?

A. Yes you will lose weight from the Sirona Cleanse. Each participant is different and we do not guarantee a certain amount of weight lost. Most of our cleansers have lost from 5-12 lbs on the 5day program and 12-20lbs from the 15day program.

The Sirona cleanse is designed to rid your body of harmful waste and re-boot your system from the inside out. We will give you the tools to create a whole new you. What you do with them is of course your choice.

Q. What if I am gluten and lactose intolerant?

A. The Sirona Cleanse is 100% vegan, gluten and lactose free.

Q. How am I getting protein?

A. You will get all the protein you need from the greens, grains, nuts and legumes. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are present in our wholefoods and juices.

Q. What are the side effects of a detox?

A. We take you through the Sirona Cleanse at a gradual pace to ease the body into the detox process. Some side effects include headaches, rashes and mood swings. For more see the Sirona Cleanse handbook.