Brighdie Noriega Grounds was a fashion model for 15 years before becoming a Nutritional Consultant. Her passion for natural healing started at the young age of twelve when she read her first book about healing with herbs. “I always knew that I would pursue a career in nutritional healing once I retired.” Nutrition was my calling” Brighdie says. “My first cleanse was 23 years ago when I started modeling, I was overweight when I was scouted by an agent so the only way I could pursue being a model was to get in shape and stay in shape. I found that nothing compares in the way of healing, rejuvenation and overall health then a detox and cleanse.

Having tried every cleanse imaginable, I set out to create the revolutionary “Sirona Cleanse and Flush” with the intent to take your body through the cleansing process by first nourishing it with delicious whole foods that are vegan and gluten free. Who says cleansing has to be bland and torturous? The mission was to create an alkalizing menu that would satisfy the palate preparing your body for the juice flush days to gently assist your body to achieve optimum results HOMEOSTASIS.” Brighdie studied Nutrition and Herbs at the “Institute of Natural Healing” in Encinitas, California.