Celebrity endorsed and Goop approved Sirona Cleanse is the best cleanse on the market.

A luxury and boutique experience

Retreat to Level Up

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to truly embrace health? Is there a better version of you waiting to be discovered? Join Sirona Cleanse creator Brighdie Grounds and her Wellness Team at the immersive Sirona Cleanse Retreat, where the sea, mountains, and clouds converge to create a serene haven for your complete reset. 

When you immerse yourself in this luxury and boutique experience, you are giving yourself the ultimate gift of health. Our retreat is designed to overhaul your body from the inside out, offering a transformative journey. 

Your day begins with delightful, locally sourced organic alkaline-rich fruits, vegetables, and gluten-free grains, accompanied by revitalizing juices against the backdrop of breathtaking views. Dive into a day of rejuvenation with yoga, meditation, swimming, and saunas. Indulge in a massage or reiki treatment before savoring energizing fiber-rich salads and grains for dinner. As the evening unfolds, relish savory soups and broths while strolling along the bluffs to witness the sun gracefully setting into the sea. Under the rising moon, find freedom to settle or meander before a restful night’s sleep.

The Sirona retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a redefinition of how you perceive yourself and how others see you. The key to lasting lifestyle change lies in healing from within. Gain a profound understanding of your authentic self as the Sirona Cleanse retreat works to regulate the nervous system, restore adrenals, recalibrate hormones, reset the digestive tract, and leave you feeling radiant and rejuvenated. Come to relax, reflect, and reset with us. 

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