Celebrity endorsed and Goop approved Sirona Cleanse is the best cleanse on the market.

Imagine feeling satisfied on a Cleanse


Cleanse & Flush

Imagine feeling satisfied on a Cleanse. During the Sirona Cleanse, Brighdie guides you from whole foods and juices to straight liquids such as soup and juice (FLUSH DAYS),  then back to whole foods and juices. Everything is satisfying and full of flavor. The “vitals” are spaced throughout the day to maintain your overall blood sugar. The phased Sirona Cleanse and Flush formula allows your body to adjust while hydrating, then fortifies you with nutrient dense fiber to eliminate toxins on a cellular level. 


The Sirona Menu is savory, sweet, satisfying, and satiating. Brighdie’s holistic vegan, gluten free, and alkaline recipes use raw and cooked plant superfoods to beautifully articulate flavor. This elimination program helps individuals better understand their bodies and food sensitivities with this mindful eating menu. The curated mix of texture and flavors of the Sirona soups, salads, and dressings make the Sirona Cleanser want more. The smoothies, juices, and broths have a delightful flavor that makes the Sirona Cleanse a pleasure for the palette.

Sample Menu

All recipes are unique to the Sirona Cleanse program and will change depending on season and produce availablity. 

Days 1, 2, & 5- Whole Foods and Juice

Juice du jour, Sweet Potato Puree, Spinach Salad with Poppyseed Dressing, Mushroom Quinoa, Pureed Zucchini Soup

Days 3 & 4- Smoothie, Juice, Broth, Juice, Soup

Coconut Water Smoothie, Detox Juice, Field of Greens Juice, Potassium Broth, Detox Juice, Field of Greens Juice, Pureed Roasted Vegetable Soup