Celebrity endorsed and Goop approved Sirona Cleanse is the best cleanse on the market.


I couldn’t be more impressed with Sirona’s high quality of the produce, as well as, the amazing taste of literally every dish. The food is so delicious, nutrient dense and totally balanced, so you know your body is getting everything it needs every single day you eat it. It’s incredible, I can’t wait for when my next session.

Milla Jovovich

Actor and Model- Fifth Element, Zoolander, Three Musketeers and Resident Evil

As a 20 year vegetarian, I have to admit, I’d never done a cleanse before and wasn’t really excited to do one. Not that I don’t believe in the many health benefits that cleanses claim to offer. It’s just that I seriously doubted the strength of my will. With friends who do lemon water fasts on the regular or could go a week or longer on just juices, I wasn’t very eager to join their ranks.But after a year full of health issues, meds, and quitting smoking, the time was right and my body was in need of a cleansing moment. So in walks my dear friend Brighdie with just what me and my body needed: a delicious, convenient, and totally doable cleanse.The vegan food is so good that I want batches of it in my fridge even when I’m not on the cleanse. As for the juices, it’s only 2 days and there’s plenty of juice to go around. And everything comes to your door. Tens across the board. It did my body good.

Joy Bryant

Actress: Parenthood, Bobby, Skeleton Key, Spider Man 2, Antwone Fisher

It should be noted that I do not like healthy food”. It took me many a prompt from Brighdie to trust her and give SIRONA CLEANSE a go and I am SO glad I did!! The food is so tasty and it feels alive and full of love. I felt energized and light during the week while I was on it. I cannot recommend it enough!! It is a beautiful jumpstart into”getting on a roll” or just a cleanse from the crazy toxic lives we tend to lead in this fast paced world. Just “DO IT

Ivana Milicevic

Actress: Casino Royale, Vanilla Sky, Just like Heaven, and leading lady of the hit series Banshee

I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to your cleanse and way of eating! I felt lighter,clearer,and happier after I was done and I can’t wait to do another one..Your food and juices are so delicious,and I wish I could eat like that everyday-If you start a meal delivery service,I’d be the first to sign up!I could feel the love in every bite/sip! again THANK YOU!!!

Monica Potter

Actress: Parenthood, Along came the Spider, Saw, Last House in the Left

The Sirona Cleanse was absolutely fantastic in every way, from the delivery and presentation to the fantastic taste, to the care and attention to detail in each meal and juice. I absolutely loved IT. It gave me and my system a fresh start and made me realize I could eat healthier without feeling denied. ­

Stacy London

TV personality and star of “What not to Wear”

Sirona Cleanse is something I look forward to doing as often as I can. Many cleanses can be hard and something we feel we “should do”, but taking 5 days a month to give my body and my mind such nourishing, energizing and delicious food is a treat not a chore. Knowing that the food and juices on this cleanse truly are restorative, I can rely on Sirona to get me back on track in a very gentle, easy and effective way.

Amanda De Cadenet

photographer, writer, documentarian, creator of “the conversation” actress and innovator

I have been a client of the Sirona Cleanse for the last 8 years and look forward to every chance I get to participate. It is the only cleanse I have ever done where I sincerely enjoy all the meals, never feel hungry or underfed, have the most frequent and easy bowel releases, all while feeling incredibly energized throughout. Every dish is satiating, flavorful and clean. Since it is not a mass produced cleanse – where the lettuce can go bad or berries can mold – I can rely on eating the freshest ingredients. I also think that 5 days is the perfect length of time to do during a busy week where you can be distracted by work, and where you can set aside time to rest in the evening. I aways feel completely reset by the weekend, and actually miss the meals once the cleanse ends. I highly recommend the Sirona Cleanse for any one at any time who needs a little discipline in their diet to kickstart a different health routine.

Heather Lilliston


Sirona Cleanse is the very best you will ever find. The food is absolutely delicious, you are not hungry and the service is impeccable! By the 5th day you feel completely revived and at your very best. I highly recommend this service.


Laguna Beach

Sirona cleanse is different from other cleanses I have done because you don’t feel the lack of flavor. The salad dressings are delicious. There was literally no dish that I did not like and the delivery experience was seamless. They even delivered to my office in LA when I was down there. I do feel a lot healthier from the 5 day cleanse and it fits well into my busy life. Anyone can do this small thing for themselves with ease. I highly recommend Sirona cleanse

Amanda Masters

Santa Barbara

The Sirona Cleanse is wonderful. The combinations of food and juice ease the body into the cleansing experience. The food and juice itself is delicious and revitalizing. I was excited to finish the day, pack everything up and wait for my delivery the next day. The Sirona Cleanse reminds your body of its optimal and healthy state of being. It rebalances the PH of the body and allows you to release and grow in a supported and non harmful way. The Sirona Cleanse is packed with love and nutrients, a winning combination for any day and any week. I feel a step closer to clarity and healthy momentum. Thank you Jose and Brighdie for a great experience and cleanse.

Kara Block

San Juan Capistrano

the only cleanse, where you actually want to share your food as you cant’ believe how good it tastes

Sara Catello

New York

I did the 10 day Sirona juice cleanse. I was reluctant to do it as I didn’t search it out, a friend suggested it. I wasn’t even sure why I was doing it. I didn’t do it to lose weight, even though I dropped over 12 pounds.

What I achieved was more than I ever expected. I began to meditate at the start of the cleanse and meditated every day but one. This was also a first. Also, I stopped drinking alcohol about 14 days before I started this cleanse. All of this came together without planning or conscious intent.

What did I achieve? I achieved a sense of calmness and peace that I’ve only felt a few times before in my life. I realized I held a lot of judgment toward the world and myself. I realized that peace is within our reach, but it’s not going to just show up. We’ve got to go after it. It takes self discipline and control. Being on juice for 7 of the days gave me a keen sense of awareness of my surroundings and how I speak to my children and wife. The hunger pains come and go, but if you keep your mind right, the benefits that can be achieved are without a price tag. I am on a new journey and my goal is to be mindful of any deviation from this new path. Change IS WITHIN YOU if you desire it.

Thank you Sirona Cleanse!

Ryan Morelli


I feel good! I did better than I thought I would do.Thursday afternoon I was feeling like I wanted to eat food but then the amazing broth completely satisfied me. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the juice days and I drank a lot of water so I definitely flushed.

I’m in awe of how you make it all work so perfectly. Everything is so delicious and fresh and I appreciate the specific instructions and attention to detail.

Cathy Kerr

Los Angeles

I found the whole experience great.   It definitely helped me rethink what my body needed to function (far more vegetables, far smaller portions) and I will hope to carry those lessons through to the next time. I know I won’t be eating “perfectly” between then and now, but at least I have a yardstick by which to measure.

Karen Todd

Great food. Great results. Easy to follow. I lost 7 pounds in 5 days and felt totally rejuvenated. The portions and schedule were perfect, I never felt hungry or tired. It’s definitely something I could stick with. I’ve done 4 or 5 other cleanses and this one was by far my favorite.

Scott Moss

After doing the Sirona Cleanse my husband and I felt amazing Our complexion was glowing. It gave us more energy and we lost 11 pounds. The food is so amazing and it was so easy to follow we did it a second time. We can not wait to do it a 3rd time. The Sirona Cleanse is the best cleanse I have ever done. We loved it.

Jackie Salem

I Had a fantastic week on the Sirona Cleanse! The food was delicious and plentiful. I never once felt hungry even on the juice days which I thought might be challenging for me. The juices are wonderful and I felt like my body was thanking me each day. It was a great way to kick start a new diet, get rid of some excess weight and feel healthy, light and energetic. I can’t wait to do it again!

Julie Mershon

The Sirona Cleanse changed my life, way of thinking and view of food.It was the perfect jump start to a positive lifestyle change and frame of mind.

Lori Lamey

Such a great experience! The food was wonderful. I found it to be very easy to follow and the results are I FEEL AMAZING!

Cassie Gann

I experienced powerful and amazing results from the Sirona Cleanse and Flush. The guidance, support, knowledge and approach that you have helped me to understand my body in a whole new way. Thanks for the amazing journey!!!! Power of FOOD!!!

Dr. Moy Cuevas

I feel energized for the first time in months. The Sirona Cleanse made me realize how much I need to listen to my body thanks to Sirona I heard it for the first time.

Bob Guard

Amazing, I was totally satisfied hunger wise.

Mike Scannell

I have Type 1 diabetes. I did the Sirona 5 day cleanse and it was very easy to control my blood sugar. The cleanse made my sugars very stable and predictable. I feel very clean, light, and energized. Thank you Brighdie.

Dena Macleod

just finished my second five day Sirona Cleanse within a two month period and I have to admit that I liked it even better the second time. I’m the last guy on earth who would have thought he’d be endorsing something as “New Agey” sounding as a cleanse—I’m a pretty straightforward meat and potatoes person—but I found the Sirona protocol remarkably easy to do; the results knocked me out. The food was delicious. The juices are energizing. The salads are among the best I have ever eaten. Two day juice-fast portion of the cleanse was much easier to get through than I had expected it to be. The fact that I dropped approximately 6 to 8 pounds each cleanse (and kept it off) is nearly beside the point. At the end of my five days I felt clear and strong and much more “food aware.” I plan on incorporating the Sirona Cleanse in my diet, every two or three months, for sure. I highly recommend it.

Patrick Hasburgh

The Sirona Cleanse is Amazing! I really enjoyed the process. The food was to die for, conscious-eating, awareness, and overall feeling of well-ness. Thank you!

Kristen Wardmen

My wife and I did the Sirona Cleanse last week, not knowing exactly what to expect…fast? juices only? Whatever? But the Sirona program, by easing us into the fast with two days of good, clean food, made it easy: the food was extremely tasty, the transition to their diet was really easy, and in the end, very successful. I lost a lot of weight–9 pounds in 5 days!–and felt very clearheaded and calm after the five days. It was a very worthwhile experience which I would recommend to anyone seeking a jumpstart on a new outlook on food and diet. We are healthy eaters to begin with but this five day program was a great way to clear all the paths and get a new perspective on eating, drinking, and diet in general.

Justin Henderson

Sirona is a great cleanse. Amazing Food! There was a fantastic support system. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone. I feel GREAT!

Deanna Herron

I had very HIGH expectations of the results of the Sirona 5-day cleanse and very LOW expectations of the food. I am very, very, very happy to say that I was BLOWN AWAY with the food as well as with the results. The results in my case were:

-Lost 5.5 pounds in 5 days
-Toxicity from a level of EIGHT down to ZERO
-Never felt hungry
-Every day most of the dishes were not only good, but in some cases the most tasty preparations of dishes (the spinach, quinoa, salad dressings, soups (especially the Miso soup), mashed potatoes, and more) that I have ever tasted.

Next steps for me: I’m so pleased with the results and the food that I would really like to incorporate more of them into a daily diet and a great follow up would be a cook book. I eat quite healthy, but this is a whole new level.

Brett Ellsworth

The Sirona cleanse brought back the equilibrium to my eating habits. I am excited to continue eating in a way that gives my body energy instead of lackluster. Thanks!

Angela Long-Lambert

With the Sirona cleanse, I achieved mental clarity from detoxing, overall slimming down, my clothes are looser and I’ve lost 7lbs. The Sirona cleanse is gradual, you start off with food unlike other cleanses and then work toward the juice days getting the best benefits from a cleanse. Overall, I am very happy with the Sirona cleanse and I would definitely do it again.

Moana Jenson

The Sirona cleanse was fabulous! The food was delicious and easy to access… I am at day 5 and still I want to cleanse further. I feel happy, vibrant and revitalized.

Emily Grace

I felt totally supported, nourished and nurtured. The food, all of it, was so vital it felt amazing in my body. My energy was sustained and best of all my mental state is calm, relaxed, and open.


The cleanse made my body feel great. I really liked the fact it was a gradual process to the juice days. All of it was yummy!

Jayanti Nand

The cleanse was awesome! Having everything prepared for you made it so much easier to commit to it. I lost weight and feel amazing. I would and will do it again.

Lisa Stein

The Sirona cleanse was easy and very effective. I feel so amazing. I would recommend this cleanse to everybody! Thank you so much for helping me cleanse my body from the inside out! This was my first cleanse and I was scared but with Sirona it was easy to be committed.

Tatiana Howard

As someone who has participated in a great many cleanses in their life, I can honestly say that the Sirona cleanse is my favorite by far! Not only is it easy to follow the food and juices taste delicious! My body looks and feels amazing, which I attribute to the high quality of food. I feel like I have a fresh start in life, in the way that my mind body and spirit have been truly rejunvenated and transformed by the Sirona cleanse. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to lose weight, achieve a better sense of self emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually,or jump start into a healthy way of living. The Sirona cleanse is the most purifying and satisfying cleanse around… now how many cleanses can you say that about!

Whitney Grounds

The Sirona Cleanse is AMAZING!!! I experienced weight loss, incredible regularity, and I have energy to burn. Sirona has changed my relationship with food and the way I treat my body.

Sarah Howard

I was fortunate enough to sign up for the 2nd Sirona cleanse held in Sayulita and what a fantastic decision that was!! I have cleansed before and this was the freshest, most unique and lovingly administered cleanse I’ve ever experienced. The best part for me was not thinking about what to eat and at the same time to have plentyof variety of delicious meals to choose from each day. My favorite drink was the fresh watermelon and mint, YUM! and the various salads with their assorted dressings and toppings of nuts and seeds. I always had plenty of energy and never ran out of food, I felt light and clean. The other bonus was having my toxicity and inflammation levels measured before and afterwards. I am aware that we all have a different experience depending on what we are cleansing from our system at the time, from emotional to physical and psychological and at others times in my life I think I might also have benefited greatly from a cleanse such as this.

Tanis Hofman

I basically started the Sirona cleanse because I was not happy with my body. I was always tired, my digestive system was not functioning properly ( my kids leftover mac and cheese and my red wine didn’t help) and I was craving a healthy change. I also really liked the photos I saw of the food that Brighdie prepares. I was a little afraid of the 2 days of no food ( just juice ) but I was determined to change my routine and kick start the summer. I really needed to flush out and lose some weight. Well… Not only was the food even better than the pictures, the juices were so fresh and tasty I barely finished them all. I was completely satisfied. I did go through some withdrawals (that were not fun) but by the afternoon of day two I was feeling so good and on my way to feeling lighter! It was worth it. The plan was easy to follow and the frequent meals and drinks gave me more energy than I have had in months. My skin was starting to glow and I could see my stomach shrink! By day 3 and 4 (the dreaded no food days) I was actually excited for the challenge and wanted to keep feeling this good.The large glass jars of juice were ample to keep me going all day. I slept well and was feeling great.

Claire Stansfield Speaks

The Sirona Cleanse is the best cleanse I have ever done. I have done the Sirona Cleanse 4 times not only did it change my body and my digestion, it changed my eating habits and my mentality. Brighdie’s recipes are amazing and creative. If you’re considering any sort of cleanse or jump start to a lifestyle change, you should definitely cleanse with Sirona.

Lori Menna

I love this cleanse. I have tried 5 different juice cleanses and this is by far my favorite. I also really appreciate the personal guidance that Brighdie provides throughout. I have also tried the whole foods cleanse option and had great success with that as well not to mention that is an easier option for my husband. A beautiful gift to give your body!

Chrsitina Palle

The BEST cleanse that I have ever done! The food is delicious, really delicious. I crave things. I never felt like I wasn’t getting enough nutrients, or felt light headed. I lost 5 pounds and several inches, I wish that I could do it again and again. I highly recommend it!!! Look forward to the next time!

Georgia Glennon

By far the best cleanse I have experienced. Aside from all of the food and juices being delicious, most importantly, Brighdie was with me every step of the way. I love how you checked in and adjusted things based on how my body was reacting. We are all so different so having this tailored to me was amazing. Also a bonus, losing 6 lbs in 5 days and having my insides feel fabulous again. Totally renewed. Will be doing it again with you for sure.

Deb Fass

I found the whole experience great. It definitely helped me rethink what my body needed to function (far more vegetables, far smaller portions) and I will hope to carry those lessons through to the next time. I know I won’t be eating “perfectly” between then and now, but at least I have a yardstick by which to measure.

Karen Todd

I feel wonderful. Your meals were an eye opening example of how I want to eat most of the time. Thanks for guiding us through such a rewarding process.

Doug Schecter

I had a great cleanse and feel a lot healthier! Will miss all the yummy food, especially the dressings, juices and puréed soups! Wish they were available to buy!

The notes are very helpful. I’m using the containers to measure my 5 meals and will not eat protein or dairy with grains! This diet works for me because it cuts the protein and carbs which I’m going to continue!

Thank you so much for this wonderful cleanse and please count me in for the next one!

Judith Israel